The Chef Wore Plaid

A continuation on the chef theme… An apron is a necessity when you have donned your chef hat! But not just any old apron will do for this little chef. Boo’s mimi had given us some old shirts she never wore anymore, and he loves anything that was hers!

Amongst the pile was a red, plaid button up that she wore a fair bit. He remembers her wearing it, so it has sentimental value to him. I found it was more than enough to make an apron for him. The sleeves had those tabs that hold your sleeves in place when rolled up. I used those for the necktie, button holes were already sewn in! The pocket from the front of the shirt was used as well. I backed it with a piece of muslin from my stash and used bias tape around the edges and for the waist tie.

Another successful refashion in Boo’s eyes! Now that he’s back at school, I may get the oven mitts sewn up!

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My Chef Wannabe!

My son decided one day that he needed a chef’s hat and he wanted it to be very “poofy”. I knew I had to find some very stiff fabric to give the hat some body. After all, he wanted a mushroom shape, not a pancake!
The local thrift shop had a surplus of military uniform shirts. The fabric was quite stiff and stain free.

After disassembling the entire shirt, I found there was more than enough material to make a hat as “poofy” as he desired.

As you might be able to tell, he is quite pleased with his new hat!

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Lets Get Social!

Join in the fun!  Lets Get Social is a link-up that happens every Sunday.  Click the button and follow along with us!  See you there I hope!
Let's Get Social Blog Hop

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New Year, new web site…

After hours of fruitless wrangling with my webhost and software, I have moved my blog to blogger and they let me use my own domain.

Being the n00b that I am, I know precious little about the science behind it all.  Therefore, I wish to spend my time creating and blogging instead of my lame attempts to figure out why my web host and wordpress software won’t play nice together and  pulling my hair out! Pardon the run-on sentance, I am eager to get back to something fun!

Please come visit me, I would love to see you there!


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Another Birthday Draws to a Close

A New Year always brings me a new birthday.  While in one way it is nice to get my birthday out of the way so early in the year, it also has its downside.  Everyone is too worn out after Christmas and New Years to think about your birthday!  Hahaha, but those that count always remember.  Especially my son, he made me a card.  I love my boy, he is so thoughtful for a youngster….

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Happy New Years and start the year organized!

Happy New Year to all!  I believe this year will be a great improvement on the last!  Procrastination needs to be left in the past and Inspiration needs to encourage productivity.

My first post of this year is a little inspiration to get your shirts folded quick and tidy.  My first try was a little lopsided, but by the third try I was a pro!  I love this no fuss method and hope you will give it a try too!

This is called the Japanese way of folding T-shirts and let me say, they know how to save time!  Enjoy the video and get folding….

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Flannel Slip Tutorial

When I saw a flannel slip tutorial on Magpie Shinies a few weeks back I was floored! Now why didn’t I think of this?!  What better way to stay warm in skirts during winter.

Click the link above to see her tutorial.  I knew I had the perfect flannel to use and found a vintage slip to draft.

Having not sewn in 2 years, it took some serious poking through boxes and drawers to gather what I needed.

Fabric for waistband

Instead of sewing elastic to the waist, I used some super soft jersey from a girls pair of leggings to make a waistband. It will give me flexibility to have the slip down low for longer skirts or hike it up for a short one.

Now put on your favorite leggings or stockings and add that skirt.   Would look great with a pair of boots!

Close up of the decorative stitch

It wasn’t until I was almost done that I even noticed how the flower stitch around the edges matches the flowers in the pattern!

I even found a pair of slippers I started from the same fabric!  Now to finish them up so I can finally wear them.

Unfinished slippers!

It’s such a cozy slip I may just end up wearing it around the house without a skirt!

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