Inspiration is a Marvelous thing…

What inspires you?  What do you do with that inspiration?  My aim with this site is to share inspiration I find and how I use it.

My biggest inspiration comes from my children, animals, nature, God, Audrey Hepburn and sewing…  On this site I plan to share my sewing creations and hope to inspire others to create their own.

Now who isn’t inspired by this Givenchy dress?!  I for one, have wanted my own for as long as I can remember!  There once was a pattern available for making it.  Vogue Wardrobe 2396 (scroll to the bottom of the page). Unfortunately I missed out on acquiring one before it was discontinued.  Last week I found a clever seamstress who not only drafted a pattern inspired by this dress, but selfishly shared her technique with her readers!   I was INSPIRED by all means!  I hope to find some wonderful fabric for it after the holidays and look forward to creating my very own Audrey-Givenchy inspired dress…

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